Why I have the itch to write a blog?

Firstly I’d like to say hello & a big massive thank you for taking time to visit my shiny new blog!

So, I’m Misty & wanted my first blog to set the scene as to what I’ll write & post on my Instagram & blog pages, in particular why now?! Although it’s impossible to give you the full run down right now you should get a good idea and I hope that everyone who reads this can benefit from it – this is a blog for all!

Well, I’ll most definitely blog about quite a few things along the way as a lot of them, if not all, are linked. The topic I am most passionate about is Eczema & more recently Good Gut Health! I’d like to say at this point I am not an expert or qualified in either of these subjects or indeed anything I blog about but after ALMOST 40 years of suffering with severe eczema & it being the best it has ever been I feel I should share my knowledge & story – if I can help just one person then that will be amazing! My job done…although more would obviously be the intention.

After writing a long Facebook post over a year ago about my skin I was overwhelmed with the comments that came flooding in, by far the most comments I have received for any status I had written previously, not to mention all the private messages that came into my inbox! It was apparent how many amongst my Facebook friends know someone who is suffering & how many agreed I should write about it as I had a lot of advice on the subject that wasn’t the ‘try this cream, try that cream’ standard answer which has been the story of my life, the endless stream of lists of products! All of which were offered with love & by people trying to help but unfortunately never the answer. You see, eczema is not as simple as that & yet when you visit most GPs & even ‘specialists’ the answer is mostly the same (from my own experience & most others I know too) strong steroid creams & thick greasy moisturiser with little other advice other than the basics about staying away from smokers, maybe animals, dust & keep a food diary.

Not once & I mean that, not once have I ever received an ounce of compassion from any GP or specialist regarding my skin, even when I could hardly walk or bend my arms or legs due to the pain from the cracked & weeping skin or when I’d physically be shaking feeling freezing cold yet you could feel the heat emitting from my red inflamed skin from a couple of feet away! I’ve always felt because it’s ‘just eczema’ that its one of those things that get rushed through the doors.

Anyone that knows me has probably seen my passion & frustration with the ‘bog standard’ treatments given & the lack of knowledge & compassion given to those with eczema & their parents. That ties me almost into the ‘why now’ point of this blog…Another thing I rarely see is any story/journey of the poor parent living with eczema yet there are soooo many out there suffering!

I have a handsome little fella called Otis who is almost 3 but at the age of aprox 5 months old it became apparent he had inherited the dreaded eczema from me! I was devastated & writing this now is bringing back all of those initial feelings & I may have reached for a tissue & a sip of G&T to ‘re group’ anyway, I digress, I must also say I wasn’t surprised & knew I’d not be lucky enough to escape it twice, I have a rather gorgeous 7 year old girl you see & thank goodness she seems to be fine.

It was my little boy that has brought me right up to the now point…because of him I made THE biggest, yet easiest I must say, life changes I have ever made for my eczema & predominantly for him. Amazing how we’ll adapt more for them than yourself hey?! Its these changes & more importantly the results the whole family have seen that have lead me here!

So, my blog will consist of ALMOST 40 years of stories of living with eczema & the impact it has had on my life personally, physically, mentally & socially which is pretty huge & now being a mummy of a little one with it how it effects the whole family day to day. However, it’s not all doom & gloom we seem to be doing pretty darn well & as I mentioned earlier both mine & Otis’s skin are the best they have ever been!

I’ll be talking about my NEW passion that is good gut health, intermittent fasting amongst other key lifestyle changes. You’ll hopefully see how easy it is too! In fact, our life has got a whole lot simpler & more organised!

On top of that I’d love for you to get to know me & what makes me me! You’ll see blogs about my family, my belief in trying to remain positive & going with your gut instinct, it’s usually right you know?! I’m also trying to work on self-love & I’m getting there!
Alongside the results I was talking about with regards to eczema, I’ll share my other transformation which is my 3 stone plus weight loss for which I feel AMAZING – another reason I want to share what I am learning about. Despite only recently getting fully into gut health I am hooked…I’m even writing notes and properly learning, I haven’t done that in a long long time! I’m usually happy to read a good novel but as you’ll see in the post picture there is no novel in sight, there may be the cheeky G&T I mentioned in there though…

Just because this all started about eczema I’ve learnt how we ALL could benefit from looking after our insides much better!

I appreciate at this stage it’s all very vague but as the blogs come along I’ll hopefully create a fuller picture!

Thank you again for taking time to visit my page & very first blog! Eeeek, I’ve been feeling really rather anxious about it if I’m honest…

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Misty xxx


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